Pinocchio (Sterling Unabridged Classics) Hardcover



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    •  9-12
    •  Hardback | 184 pages
    •  155 x 203 x 19mm | 413g
    •  02 Sep 2014
    •  Sterling Publishing Co Inc
    •  Sterling
    •  New York, United States
    •  English
    •  Unabridged
    •  Unabridged
    •  B/w throughout, includes illustrations
    •  1454912200
    •  9781454912200

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Pinocchio (Sterling Unabridged Classics) Hardcover

This is the latest title in Sterling’s Unabridged Classics series. It is an adventure-filled, menacing fairy tale with a moral. It is suitable for children aged 10 and over. Pinocchio, in Carlo Collodi’s original version, is an adventure-filled, menacing fairy tale with a moral. Made by the woodcarver Geppetto, the puppet Pinocchio dreams of becoming a real child. But his unrestrained curiosity, dishonesty and selfishness put him in constant peril. As he journeys from the deceptive 'Field of Miracles’, where he plants gold coins to make them grow, to the land where lazy boys turn into donkeys, Pinocchio’s path is paved with mistakes, willfulness, and danger. And all the while his nose keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger every time he tells a fib, so all the world can see what a liar he is.


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